Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NOTD# Tutorial1 Striping and Dotting

Hello guys..

I guess I haven't posted lately eversince I went back to work.  This has been sitting in my draft for quite a while now and I promised I would do an NOTD soon.  More NOTDs will be coming and I'll make sure that I would post every other week.

I hope, you would still continue supporting me regardless of my MIAs :)

Anyways, going back, this is what I have posted in my Instagram account before: (sorry about the quality of the pictures)

Nail polish (peach and white)
Clear polish (top coat)
Base coat (optional but recommended)
Dotting tool (or a very fine toothpick or a medium sized needle if you don't own one)
Striping Tape (Will post another tutorial for other striping options)

My little buddy finger is optional :) Its kinda hard for me to take pictures while my nails are drying so I recreated the look using a trainer finger.  It doesn't!

These tapes are self-adhering.


Step 1
Paint the nails with a clear base coat (optional) and a base color.  In this example, I use a peach rose color.  Let it dry.

Step 2
Using the striping tape, attach a vertical line then cut-off the excess.  When using any stickers or tapes, make sure that the base polish is dry first, otherwise, it will be difficult to manage the tape.  Make sure that it sticks properly to avoid premature peeling.

Step 3
 Do Step 2 in parallel with the first line.  You may opt to do a vertical or central position.  It is all up to you.

Step 4
In a clean paper, place a drop of nail polish (white), to ensure that the bottle won't dry up.  Choose a polish which has a good consistency (hindi malabnaw).

Step 5
With the help of a dotting tool, dip the ends from the polish.

Step 6
From the word dotting, just dot in the polish on your finger.  Avoid double coating the dots.  There is a likely possibility that it would smudge.
Apply a top coat afterwards ensuring that the ends are sealed.

If you don't have a striping tape, you may opt to omit striping.  Just ensure that the dots are on a straight line :)

Giveaway alert:  Since I made it through blogging for more than a month now, I am planning to do a giveaway.  Anyone wants nail art stuffs :)  Your comments will be appreciated ...