Friday, 27 September 2013

Review : Megan Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

Warning: This blog may contain pictures not to your liking :)

I was at the grocery, shopping when I saw this and remembered that it has been a while since I had my facial and one my facial problem is black and white heads.  Seriously...So when I saw this, I got it along with a hair removal cream for my legs.

I forgot how much it cost but will make an update as soon as I head backto do some shopping but if my memory serves me right,it is less than 200php.  A box contains 12 strips each separately contained in a foil pack.

Directions for use: (came with the box with a few revisions)

1. Wipe the nose clean with water and slightly wet nose ( I prefer to use luke warm water to open up the pores so the white and blackheads adhere to the strip when it dries).  Be sure that the nose is slightly wet becuase the nose strip will not adhere much and may not work effectively.

2. Tear of the nose strip sachet and peel off the nose strip from the plastic liner.

3. Place the shiny surface of the nose strip on the moistened nose, press and smooth out evenly.

4. Wait for 10-15 minutes, until the strip has dried.

5. Slowly peel the strip from the edges.  If the strips too strong and is painful to remove, wet the nose until the strip is easy to peel.

6. Wash off remaining residue with water.

Here is the result: this is the disgusting part...hehehe

It may not have removed all which is acceptable since I haven't tried anything perfect yet but it did removed a lot of my blackheads. See below (sorry for the visual).

It may hurt especially for first timers but it did say in the box that it might...and if it does, just moist the part where it sticks the most and pull slowly.

Rating: (1-5, 5 being the highest)
Effectivity = 4
Packaging = 5

So, will I buy it again?.. Yes, but I might reconsider other brands as well especially if it is highly recommended.

So till my next review :)
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