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Ideya-atbp's 2nd Monthsery : Nail Arts ATBP Package Giveaway

It has been two months since I posted my first blog entry.  Although, the account was made years ago, I never made it through posting a single entry. It was only about two months ago when I was fresh from my 2 months long vacation from surgery that I found the appeal of being a blogger and wanted to experience the feel of having people you hardly know recognize you and appreciate what you have to share.

So last week, I decided to put together a giveaway for you guys to commemorate my 2 months of dedicated blogging :)

All items for grabs are provided by me; therefore I personally handpicked all the stuffs that I am giving away.  There are actually two giveaways.  The other one will be scheduled after a few days on my IG account.

Up for grabs: Everything you need to start decorating your nails.

2 Floral Water decals
2 Full Nail Water Decals (for hand)
2 Full Nail Water decals (for feet)
1 Buffer Set
1 BK Sand Polish
2 3D Nail Art Stickers
2 Gold-finish Water Decals
2 Silver-finish Water Decals
Assoted Nail Art Stickers
1 wheel of assorted cut fimo clay designs
2 Nail Polish Tubes built with Striping brush and pen
2 packs of artificial nails
A manicure brush
1 toe separator

2 sets of floral water decals

 2 sets of full nail water decals for hands and feet

1 Buffing Set
BK Sand Nail Polish

2 packs of 3D Nail Stickers

2 Gold Finish Water Decals

2 Silver Finish Water Decals

Assorted Nail Art Stickers

2 Packs of Assorted Artificial nails
1 pair of toe separator
manicure brush
1 wheel of assorted fimo cut designs

2 refillable polish tubes with built-in pen and striping brush

I don't know wether I am going overboard since I am only celebrating my 2 months in blogging...but who cares :D

The raffle will officially open on October 21,2013 and will end on November 20,2013.


1. Complete the mandatory requirements in the rafflecopter for you to qualify in the raffle.

2. This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.  I will be shouldering the shipping cost of this item. Ensure that your address is serviceable by our leading couriers (JRS, Air21 or LBC)

3. Please don't use dummy accounts especially for blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter for the sole purpose of joining this giveaway.  

4. If a certain entry is not applicable to you, hit the "Cancel" button for that particular entry and leave it blank. 

5. The entry of the winner will be initially checked and should it be found that the entry is invalid, another winner will be declared.

6. The winner will be announced via IG, Tweeter, FB and E-mail.  THe winner should be able to respond within 48 hrs from the announcement.  Failure to respond would mean forfeiture of the prize and another winner will be selected.

And the winner is:

Rhea Juaton 

Please send me an email at for your details (Name, Address, Contact #).  You have 48 hours to claim your prize, otherwise, another winner will be selected.
Thank you.

For those who did not win, do not worry since I still have lots of giveaways this December.  For the meantime, do not forget to join our current giveway:

Good Luck!


My Bucket List

We are quite familiar with the word "Bucket List".  I myself thought it is just simply a list of things you wanted to do or sort of like a "New year's Resolution".  However, there is a slight difference between the two.

A resolution lasts for a year but most of the time are not fulfilled and can be renewed annually :).  A resolution is some sort of reflection to what we have done and what we could change.

However, a bucket list is something that you would like to do at least once in your lifetime.  How do we define a "Bucket List"?


Definition of BUCKET LIST:
A list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying 

Origin of BUCKET LIST:

from the phrase "kick the bucket" or "to die"

First Known Use: 2006

In 2007, an American comedy-drama movie "The Bucket List" starred by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson popularized the concept.  I have watched it and was moved by the story.  Two unlikely friendship bloomed which brought them to make a list of things they wanted to do before they "kick the bucket".  I highly recommend this movie if you haven't watched it yet.

image taken from

I actually created my own and I still have a long way to go.  Here are some of my bucket list that I wanted to share to you, although this is not the complete list.  I included some of the list I wanted to do since I was a kid (eventhough I didn't understand the concept yet).  Most of the list were kind of personal because I was once bullied and ridiculed.  So I made it a point that I excel in something once in my life.

Here is some of the list. I had already crossed-out the items that were accomplished.

1. Be a school achiever
2. Be able to sing in front of a crowd
3. Be able to dance in front of a crowd
6. Do a practical joke
4. Join a fashion show
5. Join a theatrical show
6. Be a scholar
7. Get away from home and be independent
8. Win a beauty contest
9. Travel abroad and have my passport stamped :D
10. Have at least 10 domestic leisure trips (4 done - 6 to go)
11. Have at least 5 international trips (1 down - 4 to go)
12. Buy a house of my own
13. Have a car of my own
14. Have another house with garage and spare rooms for my personal activities and hobbies
16. Watch my daughter graduate, have a job and a family
17. Have a son
18. Be the boss of my own full time business.
19. Be a known blogger
20. Look a minimum of 5 years younger than my age when I reach my 40s
21. Make a dress from scratch. Learn the basics of sewing clothes.
22. Bake a cake
23. Bake brownies and butterscotch
24. Organize a party
25. Intimate beach wedding

There goes my initial lists which I sorted out for this blog post.  Do you have a bucket list?

Want to share your thoughts?


NOTD: Tutorial Using Waterbase NailArt Decals

Hi guys.  

My nails are currently resting from nail polishes.  Although they look good on us, you still have to give them a break from time to time to eliminate, prevent or minimize ugly yellowish stains, brittleness and dryness.

However, I saw these pictures I did for my online site 2 years ago and I thought, I could use this for my nail section post.  (sorry for the mess.  i still need to master the art of applying a full nail polish on my nails without smudging them around the nails :) 

Among all the nail art stuffs that I acquired, Water Decals are my favorite since they lay flat in your nails and the edges are entirely unnoticeable and blends perfectly with your polishes and nails. Plus, they are really easy to use.  Unlike nail art stickers, they don't have adhesives so you can still move them around until you have found the right spot in your nails to set them without damaging the base polish.


Base Nail Polish (optional but recommended)
White Nail Polish (or any color of your fancy)
Clear Nail Polish (top coat)
Small container or bowl
Water Decal Nail Art

Nail Preparation:

Clean your nails and polish with desired color (in this case white after a base coat).  Let it dry before proceeding to the steps delow.  You may omit to apply top coats for the meantime since this will be done later on.


Step 1:

Cut the decals separately

Step 2:

Place the cut decals in a container filled with enough water to fully submerged the decals.  In the picture below, I placed cotton balls on the bottom part of the container so that I could easily pick the decals once they detach from the paper. This is optional though. You may or may not use the cotton balls at all.
Let it stay for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the decal will completely separate with the paper.

Step 3:

Test each decal if the paper has loosen by holding the decal flat in between fingers and moving your fingers sideways, gently while they are still wet.  If It comes out a bit stubborn, you can let it submerge more in the water or you can use your nails or pusher to pick the sides making sure you dont damage the design.

Step 4:

Place the decal in any part of your nails while wet and move it gently with your nails while setting it.  If it gets too gritty or wont budge anymore, just moisten it again with water until you have achieved the desired placement.  Once done, dab it off gently with tissue or absorbent cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Step 5:

Apply a top coat to hold everything in place and you are done :)

There are a lot of designs in the market for you to choose from.  Luckily for you, I am putting up a giveaway soon and most of the prizes are different water decals for you to enjoy...

Til my next post :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sampleroom: My 6th and 7th Transaction

I just can't get enough of Sample Room :)

This is the latest transactions from Sample Room. In fact, the last one just came in today .. I am so happy..


Note:  All product information were taken from product infos of Sample Room.  Check out their website for more infos.

6th transaction:

Digestics with Profiber+ :
Digestics is the first probiotic food supplement in the market with fiber content, backed by clinical studies to confirm its safety and efficacy. Its dual-action formula not only ensures digestive balance but also promotes regular bowel movement.

Digestics comes in a pleasant-tasting powder, packed in handy single-dose aluminum foil stick sachets, which are convenient and easy to:
     • Take for all age groups – there are no tablets/capsules to swallow
     • Consume – only a small amount of powder, which can be directly poured on the tongue
     • Mix into foods and drinks – cold to room temperature
     • Open – simply tear off the top
     • Carry – in your pocket or bag

• Each sachet contains:
     - at least 1 billion live good bacteria per sachet
     - 4g of dietary fiber, equivalent to the fiber you get from 1 bowl of oatmeal or 2 slices of wheat bread
     - only 16 calories
• It's lactose-free and sugar-free
• Safe for everyone – even children, pregnant women* and mature adults
     * It’s always best to ask a doctor before use.

Full size: 1 box = 10 sachets
Price: PHP 250
Sample Size: 2 boxes = 20 sachets

The Body Shop Moisture White™ Shisho BB SERUM INSIDE:

This lightweight skincare BB cream contains ingredients from our bestselling serum. This enriched cream gives natural-looking coverage as it brightens, soothes and protects skin against UV with SPF25 PA+++.

Our Moisture White™ Shiso skincare is formulated with shiso, vitamin C and liquorice, and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera. This skin-loving shiso range targets hyperpigmentation, improves luminosity and evens skin tone. 

How to use:
Use as the final step of your morning skincare routine. Apply using fingers, starting from the forehead and gently blending the cream over the face in small circular motions, covering all areas of the face including the eye area.

Full size: 30ml
Price: PHP 1,395
Sample Size: 5 sachets of 1.5ml

CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Make-Up Remover Wipes:
CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Make-Up Remover Wipes gently removes make-up, excess sebum and dirt that may clog skin pores. It has Active Skin Hydrators that help boost skin’s level of moisture. It is convenient to use anytime anywhere.

Directions for Use:

Gently glide the wet tissue over the face and neck in upward or circular strokes until the skin surface is clean. Keep eyes closed to prevent irritation.

Full size: 1 pack = 20 wipes
Price: PHP 160
Sample Size: 1 pack = 20 wipes

7th transaction:

This just came in today :)

Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion with SPF15:
Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion with SPF15 helps even out skin discolorations caused by age, scarring and pregnancy. It provides sun protection as it moisturizes to keep skin soft and smooth. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion with SPF15 contains Glabridin, a powerful skin whitening ingredient from licorice extract that is both effective and gentle to the skin. It is safe for continued use for longer-lasting whiter skin.

Full size: 100ml
Price: PHP 120
Sample Size: 8 sachets of 6ml

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70:
•One of our best-selling products around the world, this powerful protector is beloved for its wow-inducing lightweight comfort and efficacy even in extreme outdoor conditions.
•Impressive PFAs (Protection Factor UVA) are combined with SPFs as high as 70-90 to effectively screen out UVA and UVB rays for active protection against sun-induced skin cancer, photo-aging and hyperpigmentation.
•Creates a unique "barrier-film," an invisible virtual "second skin," that stays on the skin's surface to maintain protection integrity in and out of water, and while exposed to harsh sun and heat.
•Soft, skin-coating silicones give this barrier-film an exceptionally smooth glide and keep it light, so skin stays comfortable.

Full size: 185g / 85g
Price: PHP 2,080 / PHP 1,500
Sample Size: 5ml

3S Lashes (Adorable):
(This was a dream come true.  Somehow, when I thought I couldn't avail this anymore...behold!.. I saw one available left.  For some reason there was an extra one.  No more thinking twice.  I carted away! :D)

All our pre-glued eyelash products are made with latex-free adhesive strand and 100% sterilized human hair or synthetic fibers are carefully handmade by our artisans according to the diversity of our style designs. 

These can be used over and over again, as the adhesive strip attached to the eyelash can be removed if the adhesive does not seem to stick anymore on perhaps the 3rd use. You can replace it with the extra adhesive strip inside the pack, and you're good to go! 

Once the adhesive strips don't work anymore, feel free to remove them and use regular glue. These lashes are very durable and they can last you a long, long time!


1. Pull off the lash from stand.
2. Trim it to size, if longer than your eyelid.
3. Apply the lash closely to your eyelid starting 3-5 mm apart from inner corner of your eyeline. Press gently across the lash holding at the ends for a few seconds.

Full size: 1 pair
Price: PHP 250
Sample Size: 1 pair

I am really addicted.  A new product is going to be released soon.  I just hope I can get a sample fast since I am working and you really need to be fast in order to get one and not be left out.  It is just like a racing game... Better be quick and exercise what they call as the "ninja moves".

Till my next loot :D

Sampleroom: Another Successful Haul (4th and 5th transaction)

I am definitely so pleased with Sample Room that I always wait for something new to come up.

In addition with my previous transactions, this is what I got from the previous weeks.

4rth Transaction:

Shiseido Ibuki VIP Sampler Set:

This was the highlight of all purchases made. It consumed almost all of my points...,but nonetheless, this is what VIPs are made for :) 

The set consists of the following:

Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser 30ml tube- 1 pc
Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate ml sachet - 2 pcs
Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer ml sachet - 2 pcs
Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 ml sachet - 2 pcs
Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream 2ml tube

So technically, you get to sample a full facial care line.  The edge of this set vs the individual samples is the cleanser.  The individual cleanser sample only provides 2 5ml tubes. But it did last longer than the sachets since you only need a small amount. Imagine having a 30ml tube.  So this one will last a lot longer.

However, I couldn't say the same for the other samples especially the sachets. They weren't enough to actually yield the desired results...although, you could see a small improvement from the samples provided.  Might make a separate blog about this :)

5th transaction:

J&C Super Clean Solution  120ml spray bottle (valued at 400php)
Charm Essentials "Pretty in Pink" Vegan Powder Brush
Inti-mate Bra Converter 3pcs in black, transparent & nude (valued at 250php)

Although I was actually rooting for the falsies, the points for the Shiseido Set were not credited at once and there were only a few samples of these :( 
But nonetheless, the other items were restocked and I was able to avail this batch :)

I really am so happy with Sample Room  They are fast, efficient and very accomodating. I definitely do not regret joining.  The only problem is you only get to try it once...if you like the product, you have to purchase them fromtheir sources :) So I try to condition myself to not attach myself with the product and be open-minded on other brands as well.  I guess that is what sampling is all about :)

See you on my next loot :)

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

BDJ Box : October '13 Express It! Queen of Extreme Unboxing

Hooray!  My first BDJ Box Subscription arrived!!!

This month's theme:
Express It: Queen of Extreme

M A Y B E L L I N E  New York

I received a curated box which is quite sturdy and being a recycling enthusiast this box is not going anywhere unused :D

The box is a bit small from reviews I received, so I was curious and opened it at once.  The box is initially covered by a book cover-like hard paper indicating the theme for this month.  So from this alone, you know that it is a full line make-up from Maybelline.  Well, I had been a Maybelline user and most of my make-up are from Maybelline.  Initially, I thought I was going to be disappointed since I was expecting something new... but then again, why should I complain, I am a Maybelline user which meant I no longer have to shell out too much money on buying these products when my stocks get exhausted :D

Going bock to my unboxing:

Let us have a walk-through to all that I got:

Baby Lips Runway Brights in Pink Peony

A lipbalm with a hint of color.  We had gotten used to colorless lipbalms but for those who have natural looking lips who aren't used to putting too much lipsticks, this is a go.  The color isn't that much pigmented but would give just a hint of color for your lips without drying it.

I have once indicated in my previous blog how my daughter loves lipgloss and lipbalms.  This is not an exemption.  As soon as I opened the box, the first thing she grabbed was this and made a claim on it :D

Volum' Express Rocket Mascara in Black

Now I am sure I won't be running out of mascaras soon.  I got a lot of stocks now in different brands that I will get to try.  However this is my first time to try this out from Maybelline.  It claims to have a fast glide formula that will give you thick and beautiful lashes in just a moment.

picture courtesy of
It boast of micro bristles for even application from roots to tips and a rigid core to achieve sleek volume instantly. 

Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer in Fresh

For a clear and smooth base in 1 go. This anti-shine powder in a stick provides 8 different skin benefits:
Controls Shine
Lasts all Day (up to 12 hours)
Clears dark spots
Refines. reduces appearance of skin pores
Evens skin tone
Smoothens skin
Protects with SPF21 

OK.  I had been wanting to try this eversince I saw one in a grocery store.  I am a BB cream lover, so this one is something new coming from a stick.  However, I am not sure if the color provided to me is applicable for my skin color.  I'll try make some swatches at a Maybelline store first before I try out this one.

Cheeky Glow in  Peachy Sweetie
This one just came in time since I don't have a blush to use. I can play wih this color since I can definitely use it at work without looking too much made up.

Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation in Honey
Again, I am not sure if the shade given to me is appropriate for my skin tone, but will try to take a swatch first.  This shade may be a little too light for me.

Color Sensational Lasting Lipcolor in Coral Crush
I am not sure if the color is again appropriate for me to wear on a daily use but I just acquired a red lipstick which I couldn't wear alone, so I usually mix it up with a nude color to lighten it up.. might be able to use lip color for the same purpose.  Actual color is lighter, so I need to darken it a bit :)

EyeStudio Master EyeLiner in Black
Now this one, I literally cried. Why?..because I just bought one and still in its original packaging. huhuhu.. If I knew I'm gonna receive this, I wouldn't have bought one.  Sayang ang 399... oh well, I can always keep it as spare :D  This is one of my must haves in my kikay kit (lipcolor, eyeliner, mascara, face powder)

Along with the maybelline products, I also received these:
a voucher for a free makeup remover
An ATM type membership card where you can earn points for free products

A welcome card from BDJ

A guide to get the Queen of Extreme Look

So was the Php580 beauty box subscription worth it?

Doing the math, all the products (excluding the coupons and membership card) cost about Php P1973, which is 3x more than the subscription amount.  Do I need to say more?

For more inquiries and if you are interested in subscribing please visit the BDJ Box website.

Have you opened your BDJ Box already.  Please do share what you got. I would be happy to hear from you ..

Thanks and see you in my next unboxing :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

JOINED: Rochelle Rivera x Pauchee Casimiro Fashion and Beauty Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Here is another raffle that I joined: (click the picture below to go directly to the raffle promo blog)

This raffle is in collaboration of Miss Rochelle Rivera of and Miss Pauchee Casimiro of Her World of Randomness. They are both mommies and registered nurses.

They are among the first blog owners I happen to visit most.

The prizes were sponsored by Miss Bella PH and FASHION, BEAUTY & BEYOND.

There will be two winners receiving one of the 2 prizes below:

1 Winner would get a 10 Color Blush Set from Miss Bella PH

1 Winner would get a Yellow Studded Clutch from FASHION, BEAUTY & BEYOND

This giveaway will end on NOVEMBER 3, 2013 and is open for Philippine Residents ONLY. 

Just follow the mechanics on the Rafflecopter gadget and ensure to fill in all MANDATORY mechanics for your entries to be qualified and or valid. 

So, what are you waiting for... try your luck if you want the items shown above :)

NOTD# Tutorial1 Striping and Dotting

Hello guys..

I guess I haven't posted lately eversince I went back to work.  This has been sitting in my draft for quite a while now and I promised I would do an NOTD soon.  More NOTDs will be coming and I'll make sure that I would post every other week.

I hope, you would still continue supporting me regardless of my MIAs :)

Anyways, going back, this is what I have posted in my Instagram account before: (sorry about the quality of the pictures)

Nail polish (peach and white)
Clear polish (top coat)
Base coat (optional but recommended)
Dotting tool (or a very fine toothpick or a medium sized needle if you don't own one)
Striping Tape (Will post another tutorial for other striping options)

My little buddy finger is optional :) Its kinda hard for me to take pictures while my nails are drying so I recreated the look using a trainer finger.  It doesn't!

These tapes are self-adhering.


Step 1
Paint the nails with a clear base coat (optional) and a base color.  In this example, I use a peach rose color.  Let it dry.

Step 2
Using the striping tape, attach a vertical line then cut-off the excess.  When using any stickers or tapes, make sure that the base polish is dry first, otherwise, it will be difficult to manage the tape.  Make sure that it sticks properly to avoid premature peeling.

Step 3
 Do Step 2 in parallel with the first line.  You may opt to do a vertical or central position.  It is all up to you.

Step 4
In a clean paper, place a drop of nail polish (white), to ensure that the bottle won't dry up.  Choose a polish which has a good consistency (hindi malabnaw).

Step 5
With the help of a dotting tool, dip the ends from the polish.

Step 6
From the word dotting, just dot in the polish on your finger.  Avoid double coating the dots.  There is a likely possibility that it would smudge.
Apply a top coat afterwards ensuring that the ends are sealed.

If you don't have a striping tape, you may opt to omit striping.  Just ensure that the dots are on a straight line :)

Giveaway alert:  Since I made it through blogging for more than a month now, I am planning to do a giveaway.  Anyone wants nail art stuffs :)  Your comments will be appreciated ...