Friday, 18 October 2013

NOTD: Tutorial Using Waterbase NailArt Decals

Hi guys.  

My nails are currently resting from nail polishes.  Although they look good on us, you still have to give them a break from time to time to eliminate, prevent or minimize ugly yellowish stains, brittleness and dryness.

However, I saw these pictures I did for my online site 2 years ago and I thought, I could use this for my nail section post.  (sorry for the mess.  i still need to master the art of applying a full nail polish on my nails without smudging them around the nails :) 

Among all the nail art stuffs that I acquired, Water Decals are my favorite since they lay flat in your nails and the edges are entirely unnoticeable and blends perfectly with your polishes and nails. Plus, they are really easy to use.  Unlike nail art stickers, they don't have adhesives so you can still move them around until you have found the right spot in your nails to set them without damaging the base polish.


Base Nail Polish (optional but recommended)
White Nail Polish (or any color of your fancy)
Clear Nail Polish (top coat)
Small container or bowl
Water Decal Nail Art

Nail Preparation:

Clean your nails and polish with desired color (in this case white after a base coat).  Let it dry before proceeding to the steps delow.  You may omit to apply top coats for the meantime since this will be done later on.


Step 1:

Cut the decals separately

Step 2:

Place the cut decals in a container filled with enough water to fully submerged the decals.  In the picture below, I placed cotton balls on the bottom part of the container so that I could easily pick the decals once they detach from the paper. This is optional though. You may or may not use the cotton balls at all.
Let it stay for 3-5 minutes to ensure that the decal will completely separate with the paper.

Step 3:

Test each decal if the paper has loosen by holding the decal flat in between fingers and moving your fingers sideways, gently while they are still wet.  If It comes out a bit stubborn, you can let it submerge more in the water or you can use your nails or pusher to pick the sides making sure you dont damage the design.

Step 4:

Place the decal in any part of your nails while wet and move it gently with your nails while setting it.  If it gets too gritty or wont budge anymore, just moisten it again with water until you have achieved the desired placement.  Once done, dab it off gently with tissue or absorbent cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Step 5:

Apply a top coat to hold everything in place and you are done :)

There are a lot of designs in the market for you to choose from.  Luckily for you, I am putting up a giveaway soon and most of the prizes are different water decals for you to enjoy...

Til my next post :)