Monday, 18 November 2013

Manila 2013 Manila Auto Salon at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia

After our mini Divisoria escapade, we made it back to SMX to visit the Manila Auto Salon event which is a 3-day event from November 14-17, 2013

One thing I noticed though is that, they were not focused on cars alone but there were entries for big monster-like 4x4 vehicles.  

I must tell you that I am no Automotive junkee, but my companion is.  However, you would be amazed at how much effort the car owners put into these machines.

Get a load of these babies
(warning: too many pictures :D )

Upon entering the lobby you will be greeted by these two lovely cars:

Who says bugs aren't that great?

I was scouting some fancy cars around the show room :D

I was eyeing this car. A combination of black white, purple and pink.  Oooohhh...I totally want this kind of setup :D

Is this even legal? hahaha

> very functional <

A vintage car seems out of place..
but Wait..
look what's inside

4 x 4 monsters...but I love them anyway :D

Zombie Zone:  Zombies beware :D

no more worries during camping :D or beach outings
Some of the booth owners:
Some participants were generous enough to giveaway some freebies :D
microfiber cleaning cloth
car stickers
etc :D
(my companion got a victoria court discount card...ssshhhh!!! lol)
i pass off the latter..hahaha

There are more cars on display but I wouldn't want to fill this post with all of them ... and was too tired already walking around.  My companion had a grand time though because a car show wouldnt be a car show without the sexy girls and ladies in each booth... and guess what??.. I turned into a photographer for each girl with my companion... was a good event and some of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Visayan Regions.

Have you attended a car show before?  Tell me how did it go :D