Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haul: Mini Shopping Trip to Divisoria 168 Mall

Hi Guys!

Last November 16 2013..I was asked to checked out a car shown in SMX Moa…however, since it was still early, we decided to go to Divisoria first since it was only a jeeney ride away from MOA.
I took this opportunity to buy some clothes for my daughter.  If you have been a follower before, most of my acquisitions are for my daughter.  She had a total upgrade of clothes this year because of her tween body (combination of a kid and teenage size).  She is only 9 years old but she has a body of a small lady or a teenager.  I no longer buy at kid’s sections but on the ladies section already.

Anyways, for the items that I got, we decided to just go straight to 168 Mall since we are a bit of in a hurry. 


Thick Leggings in Black and Gray
The material is really thick and this can fit Small to Medium Sizes.
Some of the leggings I saw are a bit to thin for me and may have a problem during fitting since thin materials tend to have limitations in terms of stretch ability

PRICE: Php150 each
(Total = 300)

I was able to get a good bargain at this since the other stores offer these type of leggings at 200-250 each.

Cotton Stretched Fitted Plain Tees
Stretchy cotton material and I kind of selected the tees with thicker material.

PRICE: Php90  each
(Total : 450)

Initially offered for 100 each.  You just have to be selective of the material.  Some of the materials were a bit thin so I asked for colors that have a thicker material so when I wash it, it doesn't get too loose.  The deal was for 6 pcs but since they didn't have the colors for the material I was asking for, they agreed to give the price for 5pcs :D

Sleeveless Blouses

Made of cotton.  Can fit small to medium sizes.  The prints are really good.  In fact, I initially bought this as normal home wear in mind because of the price but when I saw the prints, designs and colors, they can pass as normal outdoor wears for those hot occassions.

PRICE: 2 for 150php 
(Total : 450)

Was so happy with these that I bought 6pcs for my daughter's everyday use :D

Sleeveless Blouse with gartered Waist

Bought this having the leggings in mind :D  I needed something that would go well with the leggings I bought for her.

PRICE: 130php

Was so happy with these that I bought 6pcs for my daughter's everyday use :D

color is darker in actual. same color as the skirt below

Dry Fit Apparel

I really like the skort (shorts and skirt in one).  Original price is 280.  Was able to haggle up to 200.  Since it was cute, I asked for a matching blouse (medium) and lucky for me, the matching blouse was currently on sale at 100php.

PRICE: 200php (skort) and 100php (bouse)

Among all the clothes I bought, my daughter love these the most and was already asking me when she can wear it :D

Cute Small Sling Bag

My daughter lost her new phone (good thing it was cheap at 499.00) because it fell out of her pocket.  So, I bought her this so she can just sling it around her body and place all her stuff in here.  I still plan to buy her a cheap cellphone for emergency cases.

PRICE: 80php

Again, I was able to haggle even though I only bought one piece. hehehe.

I was about to buy a bag for me and I was really tempted .. but I had to remind myself that I should dispose all my unused stuffs first before I buy anything else.

So.. what did I buy for myself?.. practically nothing as I was on a budget and kept reminding myself not to buy anything...but then, it was an opportunity I need to grab and it would be sad not to at least buy something... so I decided to buy something to protect and cover my trusted and used gadgets :D

Minion themed S3 back cover

the circle at the back can serve as a stand.  This is helpful when I am at the office.  I can just put the phone in my desk and have a clear view for incoming calls or messages even if it is in silent mode.

Themed back cover for Samsung S3.  For those times I just wanted a sleek and simple cover

not a diary  :D  It is actually a flip cover for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
coach themed S3 cover = 200php
minion S3 cover with stand = 250php
Tablet flip cover = 400php
front and back S3 protector = 150php

What do you think at my haggling ability :D
You better be careful in buying there though.  You must always check your items and scout the areas first because you might find the same merchandise at a cheaper price.  Don't be misled with the word "Sale" cause it may be actually just a gimmick for you to buy at their store.

Till my next haul guys :D