Friday, 18 October 2013

Ideya-atbp's 2nd Monthsery : Nail Arts ATBP Package Giveaway

It has been two months since I posted my first blog entry.  Although, the account was made years ago, I never made it through posting a single entry. It was only about two months ago when I was fresh from my 2 months long vacation from surgery that I found the appeal of being a blogger and wanted to experience the feel of having people you hardly know recognize you and appreciate what you have to share.

So last week, I decided to put together a giveaway for you guys to commemorate my 2 months of dedicated blogging :)

All items for grabs are provided by me; therefore I personally handpicked all the stuffs that I am giving away.  There are actually two giveaways.  The other one will be scheduled after a few days on my IG account.

Up for grabs: Everything you need to start decorating your nails.

2 Floral Water decals
2 Full Nail Water Decals (for hand)
2 Full Nail Water decals (for feet)
1 Buffer Set
1 BK Sand Polish
2 3D Nail Art Stickers
2 Gold-finish Water Decals
2 Silver-finish Water Decals
Assoted Nail Art Stickers
1 wheel of assorted cut fimo clay designs
2 Nail Polish Tubes built with Striping brush and pen
2 packs of artificial nails
A manicure brush
1 toe separator

2 sets of floral water decals

 2 sets of full nail water decals for hands and feet

1 Buffing Set
BK Sand Nail Polish

2 packs of 3D Nail Stickers

2 Gold Finish Water Decals

2 Silver Finish Water Decals

Assorted Nail Art Stickers

2 Packs of Assorted Artificial nails
1 pair of toe separator
manicure brush
1 wheel of assorted fimo cut designs

2 refillable polish tubes with built-in pen and striping brush

I don't know wether I am going overboard since I am only celebrating my 2 months in blogging...but who cares :D

The raffle will officially open on October 21,2013 and will end on November 20,2013.


1. Complete the mandatory requirements in the rafflecopter for you to qualify in the raffle.

2. This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.  I will be shouldering the shipping cost of this item. Ensure that your address is serviceable by our leading couriers (JRS, Air21 or LBC)

3. Please don't use dummy accounts especially for blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter for the sole purpose of joining this giveaway.  

4. If a certain entry is not applicable to you, hit the "Cancel" button for that particular entry and leave it blank. 

5. The entry of the winner will be initially checked and should it be found that the entry is invalid, another winner will be declared.

6. The winner will be announced via IG, Tweeter, FB and E-mail.  THe winner should be able to respond within 48 hrs from the announcement.  Failure to respond would mean forfeiture of the prize and another winner will be selected.

And the winner is:

Rhea Juaton 

Please send me an email at for your details (Name, Address, Contact #).  You have 48 hours to claim your prize, otherwise, another winner will be selected.
Thank you.

For those who did not win, do not worry since I still have lots of giveaways this December.  For the meantime, do not forget to join our current giveway:

Good Luck!