Saturday, 16 November 2013

SampleRoom: ZA Cosmetics' Skin Care Series

SampleRoom did it again :)
Featured brand for the week is the new skin care line series from

Za Cosmetics
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Za is a cosmetic brand designed to support women who desire sophisticated beauty with confidence and
vitality admired by everybody. Both Za skincare and makeup products require no special techniques to
ensure easy use and simple skincare steps. However, they can improve your make up while making your skin
look naturally beautiful. Za cosmetics allow you to shine your life style more beautifully.
Za skincare enhances the skin's self-revitalizing power to create naturally beautiful and healthy skin.
Za makeup ensures upgraded natural makeup to make the skin look naturally beautiful.

Za is a brand that offers a-to-z products to draw about your potential to the maximum for more radiant beauty.
Za is simple, yet elaborately designed to draw out your unlimited potential with the minimum products to achieve
your own a-to z Both skincare and makeup products allow you to produce a variety of finish from natural to dramatic
while maximizing your natural beauty.

Now, for their new product line:

Solve all skin problems with Perfect Solution.
A high performance anti-aging skincare line, which solve 3 main troubles of the women, age 25 to 35; “Firming”, “Translucence”, and “High Moisture”.

____________Za Perfect Solution Toner____________

Full size: 150ml
Price: PHP 595
Sample Size: 1 pc. 150ml (full size)

This lotion addresses age- induced skin problems and achieves firm, glossy skin.
How to Use:
Saturate a cotton pad with about 1.5ml of toner. Starting on the broader areas like the cheeks and the forehead, carefully and slowly blend in from the center of the face outwards. Repeat this two to three times.
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_________Za Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam________

Full size: 100g
Regular Price: PHP 345
Sample Size: 1 pc. 100g (full-size)

With its resilient lather, this cleansing foam cleanses your skin into youthfully plump, firm skin.
How to Use:
Squeeze a small amount onto your palm, and add water to create foam. Massage gently over face in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.
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__________Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer__________

Full size: 125ml
Regular Price: PHP 625
Sample Size: 1 pc. 125ml (full size)

This emulsion addresses age- induced skin problems and achieves firm, glossyskin. It features a fresh, dewy texture.
How to Use:
After applying toner, apply about 1ml of Moisturizer on a cotton pad, or onto the palm of your hand. Starting with the cheeks and the forehead, slowly and carefully apply the moisturizer from the center of the face outwards. Repeat this two to three times.
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____Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream____

Full size: 40g
Regular Price: PHP 725
Sample Size: 1 pc. 40g (full size)

The key to a youthful look is the skin condition at 3 parts of the face: eye area, mouth area, cheeks. This product offers a thorough solution to this problem and achieves firm, youthful skin with less visible wrinkles.
Improves firmness and VA palmitate reduces wrinkles.
Special ingredient for cream - Vitamin A (VA) palmitate transforms into retinol, thus reducing wrinkles.

After the cream blends into the skin with Zas unique technology, your will find a non-sticky, silky texture.
How to Use:
After applying toner or moisturizer, take some cream onto the fingertips and dot on 5 points of the face. Then spread it evenly over the skin.
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Thanks Sample Room and Za Cosmetics!