Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Revlon 3 Barrel Hair Waver

I asked someone who went abroad to buy me a deep waver.  One of my options were Bedhead and Revlon Jumbo waver. The bedhead wasn't available so he prompted for the revlon.  However, thinking the jumbo waver was too big, he opted for the regular 3 barrel.  Oh well, i just went for it since it was given as a gift. Who am I to argue.... hehehe.


Anyways, we tried out the much craved about "beach waves". My daughter is a fan of Kathryn Bernardo so I attempted her look for the new teleserye.

This is the result...

First, i sectioned the hair into 5 layers... the number of layers depends on how thick the hair strands are.

After sectioning the hair with the help of hair clippers which I bought at HBC, I had the revlon at high heat. Apparently, the other heat setting is not enough for my daughter's hair.

Get a few strands of hair... make sure that it is not too thick, so that the curls will stay in place. Working your way from the top, place the hair in between the barrels and press the lever for a few minutes, then release and start again where the curl from the first run end, then repeat the procedure til you arrived to the strands' end.

 Once the first layer of the hair is finished, repeat the procedure for all layers.

by the way, do use a heat protectant product if you are fond of using hot irons or curlers.  For this particular hairstyle, don't forget to use creams, mousse or hairsprays to ensure that the curls will hold.

once the hair is set, just brush it with your hands to separate the curls. Style it whatever you doesn't matter :)

So, do i recommend it?... honestly, if you have very thick hair, I wouldn' t. It gets a bit stressful in the arms since I can only do thin strands at a time, or else it won' t curl as good as expected.  I had tried doing more strands at a time, thus having the irregulaf curls as shown on the inner layers in the pictures above.  Maybe it has something to do with the heat.  My sister bought a babybliss and they were easier to use and can curl in a few seconds.  I might make a review on that when I get to borrow it from her again.
If you want for the curls to stay longer, you would really need to use good hair products to enhance the curls or an extreme hold hair spray...or they will just look frizzy after a few hours.  I still have hopes for the revlon 3 barrel jumbo waver shown below.

So, for now I will be in a lookout for these two products. They are larger and can create deeper waves than what I used.  I saw them in sulit however, they are a bit expensive....  compared to what i have now. Be wary when buying online though.... they run on 110V.  Be sure to have a transformer or if you have an AVR for your computer, check if there is a 110V slot for is what i use for now :)




Have a good day !