Monday, 30 September 2013

Celine Inspired Bag from BagsOnDemand

This is actually my second post for I am quite on the roll here :)

From my previous post I already told about my bag addiction... well it didnt stop there:)

Anyway I got this bag yesterday from Bags On Demand by Joyzen Marie.  They were literally on sale and I was fortunate enough that they do meetups here in Laguna.  I actually had taken a few more bags from her but I will only feature the Bag that I had been eyeing from her online store.

I was actually on the look-out for black bag since my other bag is already showing wear and tears fro constant use and I wanna put it to rest :)

Anyway, my major requirements for a bag are:
1.  Material wont peel-off easily. No soft skin leather for me.  (check)
2.  Spacious enough to carry wallets, card holders, big makeup (kikay) kit, a notebook, a tablet, and have some more room for other stuffs. (check)
3.  Must be sturdy enough to carry all of the items mentioned above. (not quite sure)
4.  Can be transformed into a sling bag. (check)
5.  Must be either a shoulder bag or a sling/messenger bag. (check).

You see, I have a phobia with snatchers and pick-pocketers. I literally glue my bag to my body when I am walking on pavements on along the street which is the reason for requirement #5. I only use a handbag during a party or when I am assured of a personal transpo.

My only concern for this bag is that the connector for the sling is a bit thin so I am not literally sure if it can carry the weight of my stuff... but then again, I can always use the hand strap for support and I can always re-enforce it from this handy-man I know.

All in all, I like the bag and I think it is worth it for its sale price ;)

Hope to have an OTD of some sort for this bag... 

Til my next loot..