Monday, 30 September 2013

My First Glamourbox Unboxing - Beauty SOS - September 2013

Last late afternoon Friday, September 27, we heard someone knocking at our gate a midst the rain. And who do we found... the delivery man holding a XEND package... I was very ecstatic. My daughter was too. I already have an idea what it might be... and voila!  My daughter and I started singing literally.. "I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!.."

This is my first subscription from Glamourbox.  For the amount of P595.00 pesos, you get to receive 2 to 3 times the worth of your subscription.  However, you wouldn't know the contents beforehand.

For starters, the box was really sturdy and can be used for storage of other stuffs at home or as a gift box itself.  The packaging was great and I was really impressed with the September collection. Perhaps, because most of the products are what I need right now.  I would like to start of with the items I like the least :D..

OFRA Liptstick #202 (Full size)
Glamourbox is actually giving either #202 (red) or #205 (pink) for their subscribers.  I think they're reference was your personal profile in order to determine what they will include in your box.  In my case, since I have a warm skin tone (morena), they opted to choose the #202.  Among the 2, I would gamble on #202, because I can't imagine myself wearing a bold pink color on a daily basis ;)

Nonetheless, I am still neither a fan of pink nor red.  But I might find a way to use this, but not sure when.

KANEBO Impress Advanced CT Essence (2pcs of 0.4ml sachet samplers)
It says that it is an anti-aging serum that targets dryness, roughness and visible pores.  I definitely need this, however, the sampler consists of only 2 sachets good for 2 usage only.  I don't think it is enough to convince me to buy a full size product since I won't be seeing any good results with 2 usage only.

AVON Genics Gen Protect SPF15 Treatment 30ml (Full size)
It is again an anti-aging product which claims to show visible changes in 8weeks.  I might actually use this but I still have a line-up of skin care products to try to know, which suits me the best.  I was actually delighted that it came in full size.  However, being a day cream, I think the SPF could have been higher.

SAFORELLE  Gentle Cleansing Care 100ml (Full size)
I am actually not familiar with this brand, but it looks promising.  It was a good thing too since I just run out of femme wash.  It can also be used as a body wash for sensitive skin.

VMV HYPOALLERGENICS Id Monolaurin Gel 50ml (Sampler)
A face and body gel that treats acne & prevents over-sweating, leaving the skin cool and less prone to breakouts.  It also claims to be good for ingrown hair, "chicken skin" and other skin problems from waxing or shaving.
I was really excited about this since I actually had a mishap just a few weeks ago from using a waxing strip that had caused a major skin allergy which left a dark spot in my skin.. This would be a good time to use and test this :D

REJUVELASH Eyelash Growth Serum
I actually cannot say if this is a fullsize set or a sampler size, but I'm guessing it is a fullsize for a 5ml.  I saw a website that states free trial for 21 days.  There are still not enough reviews about this brand, but I am actually curious.  My friend bought an eyelash serum from a group-buying website for 250 pesos, and I was skeptical about it... and when it arrived, I was right. From the packaging itself, you can tell it was a fake but they tried it out anyway for 1 to 2 times and stopped since it literally stings.  I knew it was too good to be true for that amount...  but when I saw this, I literally was on hype.. I have to trust Glamourbox for this, for they would definitely be getting from good sponsors and I am really excited to brag this to my friend ( I am such a good friend... hehehe).
Will start on this tomorrow and make a review about it in 3 weeks...  I have medium length lashes but they are a bit sparse, so hopefully, something good will come out of it.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a Mustela. This was open to the first 150 subcribers.  I guess next time, I have to be a little bit more vigilant :D

Anyway, along with the products are 3 product coupons.

Summing it all up:
OFRA Liptstick #202 4g = Php650 (Full size)
KANEBO Impress Advanced CT Essence = Php240 - samplers / Php12000 for 40ml
AVON Genics Gen Protect SPF15 Treatment 30ml  = Php1299 (Full size)
SAFORELLE  Gentle Cleansing Care 100ml  = Php159.75 (Full size)
VMV HYPOALLERGENICS 50ml (Sampler) = Php355 - sampler / Php 710 for 100ml
REJUVELASH Eyelash Growth Serum = Php 2860

Total (without the coupons) = P5563.75 
Total (without the Rejuvelash since I am not sure about the size) = P2703.75

With or without the Rejuvelash, it was still a steal :D  All of this for only Php595.00 shipping included.

I am actually anticipating the next box and so I am waiting for the announcement :)

Til my next Unboxing :)