Saturday, 28 December 2013

My New Blogging Home - A New Year... A New Site...A New Commitment

Hi Everyone

I finally made the decision on transferring to a new blogging host, and the transfer would require a lot of improvement and starting up again, building a new network and the sort.

What made me move:


I never realized that when I started blogging last August that I will make it this long.  With all the friends I had come to know and who were there to support me, I came to enjoy what I am doing.  I tend to stop after a while when I do get bored, and because of this, I decided to transfer and buy my own domain name.  When something is free, you don't get to value its worth.  And so, to ensure the commitment I wanted to put in it, I shelled out some money that would remind me that I should not forget what I already started.  A commitment I am going to continue for the year 2014.

Support & Friendship

My new friends in the blogging world convinced me of the opportunities I could have in transferring plus the support they could offer me..  I am so blessed in having friends like them.  Special shout-out to:

They are really nice people who took time in being patient with me and offerring me things to enjoy the blogosphere.  Without them, I might not have go on.. Honestly guys...
Thank you.

New Friends and Followers

I was really overwhelmed and I owe it to everyone.  Your support really kept me going.  Without you and the people above, I don't know if I had continued.  Nothing beats the knowledge that someone out there is reading and following all your posts.
Thanks guys.


I never learned that you can gain a lot in blogging.  A new world, knowledge, activities, friends..seriously, they are a lot.  And I wouldn't want to miss out on them.  It doesn't hurt that you must maintain a good blog in order to gain this...which came down to always put into mind for continuous improvement.

In line with these, I would again to ask you guys to support my new site and follow me again through the different channels such as Bloglovin and NetworkedBlogs.  I would  really appreciate it very much.

Please show the same courtesy on my new site:

Thank you and Gob Bless!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

BDJ BOX: How to Create a Multifunctional Kit from your BDJ BOX

I am new Subscriber for BDJ Box but so far, I was happy with the two boxes that I received.

Just last November 15, 2013, BDJ Box Editorial via Nicole Romero with the help of Beam Mariano of showed a DIY tutorial on how to recycle your BDJ Boxes since they are quite sturdy and really functional.

Already some had the intention of recycling it, but only a few decided to actually refurbish it into something that would deviate it from the normal BDJ Box look.  I, myself, just let it be and use it as storagefor all the make-ups I acquired.

In this editorial post, Nicole challenged all subscribers to create their own kikay kits and/or functional boxes using the BDJ Boxes that we have acquired over time.  Being the crafty and creative (says my daughter :)) that I am, I took on the challenge.

I was supposed to do a multi-layered, side-swinged compartment type but due to lacking boxes (I only have 2 boxes as of now), I opted to do a stackable functional box instead.  I wanted to do a video tutorial, however, due to limited lighting and time, all I have are illustrations for now,  Just ask questions should you need clarification.

This box features a 3-layeredfunctional box with divisions and a complementing mirror.

To learn how I did this, please continue scrolling down :D

For the materials, most of them are recycled.  I don't throw away stuffs easily even if I could not use them thinking that they may have other uses aside from what they were intentionally made for :)SInce I am a crafter of some sort, I basically have most of the tools that i need :D .. if you don't have one, you can always improvise. All materials used were readily available at home and are just waiting to be used so I had no problem acquiring the materials I needed.

For this project, you would need the following:
BDJ Boxes. If you don't have one, you may use other boxes as well.
Old nail polishes.Will be used for may opt to use other coloring materials or paints, I just wanted to take my hands off these almost dried polishes :)
Cloth.For covering the box.  You could use wallpapers or giftwraps.  I just preferred cloth since it will add reinforcement to the box and will act as a binder too from accidental tears over time.  In this project, I used a black ECO bag.  If you were a previous follower then you would know that I literally have a LOT of Eco Bags that I acquired over time.  1 Large box holds these ECO bags.  They crumble over time when not in used so I decided to either give some away or put them into good use.  What I like about the fabric is that they don’t fray so I didn’t need to do some sewing on the edges.
Colored Cardboards.In this project, I used a black glossy paper bag. Same with the ECO bags, I also have a boxful of paper bags which I don’t throw if still deemed functional :D
Styro or any sturdy foam. You can get this from the box of a certain appliance that you bought or leftover materials from your artworks using storyboards.  Aside from these, you may use other materials such as wood, tubes or practically anything sturdy which can be used as a bridge later on.
Scissors , Cutter
Used illustration board or anything similar
Double Sided tape / Clear Tape
Glue stick / Glue Gun
Embellishment.Will depend on what you have and on what you intend to do with the design.
Old Compact mirror

We will first prepare the parts so that assembling later on will just be a breeze.

Step 1: 
Measure the boxes. You will use this information later on.  For the BDJ Box, approximate size (in cm) is 18 x 13 for the pink box and 19 x 14 x 4.5 for the cover.

Step 2:
Using the information above, Cut strips of solid foam or styro foam to be used as bridges or stoppers.  For the lower box, you would need  2 strips of approximately 19 x 3.5 x 1.5 in size while for the pink box, 2 pcs of 18 x 1 x 1 styro strips. Set the strips aside for later.
Note:  The sizes would vary if you are using another box.

Step 3:
Get 1 box cover and pull out the flap from the inside. To create a division, Fold the flap inwards depending on where or how big the division is.  Fold it again outwards with a length of about 3.5cm and fold again the remaining (if there is) inwards then let it stand.  This will serve as your first division.  Let us call this as Box 1 to avoid confusion later on :D.

Step 4:
Get the other box cover and pull the inner flap all the way out and fold it outwards towards the rim of the cover. This will be Box 2.
Note:  If the boxes you are using doesn’t have inner flaps, you can always improvise by gluing thin cardboards (from shirt packaging) making it seem as part of the box.

Step 5:
Using an illustration board (it doesn’t matter if it is used or not since this will be covered later on) cut out 2 pcs of 13.1cm x 13.3cm and a 13.1cm x 19.4cm rectangular board.The 13.1cm is the height of the board.

Step 6:
Get Box1 and cover the whole box with the black cloth.  You may omit the inner part of the box if desired.  Secure it firmly.  It is better to use a hot glue to ensure it wouldn’t fall off.

Step 7: Box 1 Assembly (1st layer)
Get the 2 styro/foam strips of approximately 19 x 3.5 x 1.5 in size. Measure the width of the divisions and slice the strips into 2 so that when inserted in the box, the division is in between two foam strips.  You can opt to cover the strips first with the same cloth material just like what I did just to make it more presentable and neat :D
These side strips act as a stopper or bridge for the second box so it wouldn’t get pushed all the way down just like any other stackable containers.
Inside, I had a foam and a used black felt paper. I made some slits in between which act as a ring and earrings holder.  The narrower division is for watches, bracelets or necklaces.

Step 8: Pink Box 1 Assembly (2ndlayer)
No need to do much on this one.  Just put it on top of the 1st box and it will fit like a Lego :D  It wouldn’t go all the way down because of the bridge.  I just added a cut-out container from a Ferrero chocolate box :D … yum!  You may of course omit this and do your own divisions.  Just leave about 1cm from the lid for the stopper to be placed on the 3rd layer.

Step 9: Pink Box 2 Assembly (3rd layer)
For this box, you would require a stopper.  If you would notice, if you put this on top of the second layer, it will just fall off since they literally have the same dimension.  To prevent this, get the 2 pcs of 18 x 1 x 1 styro strips that you prepared earlier.  Flip the box so that the bottom part is facing you.  Glue the stips on the sides leaving about 0.2cm of space from the edge on both sides.  You may color this strips or cover them with art papers later on so that the foam won’t be that much visible.
Try stacking the 3rd Box into the 2nd Box making sure that the stoppers goes inside the 2nd Box.  If you will notice, the 3rd box is not going anywhere anywhere.  The principle is very simple and basic for stackable containers having the same dimensions (bottom part is always a little bit narrower)
Again, you may opt to do your own divisions.

Step 9: Box 2 Assembly (topmost cover).
I like the concept of padded footstalls :D So I got a used bubble pack and folded it until I achieve the desired thickness.  Better to use soft foams if you have one. But since I didn’t, I used bubble packs instead (which I got from Parcels I received occasionally).  Glue or attach this on the topmost outer cover.
Once done, Cover the whole box with the same Cloth you used on Box 1.  Ensure that the flap is not covered since this will be pulled out later on.
Pull out the flap.  If you want, you can paint or cover the inner part of the box.  In this case, I used s glossy black cardboard which I cut out from a paper bag.  I also covered the Flap from the inside since I didn’t want for the original color to show in order to maintain the color theme.
Once done, you will get this classy padded cover.

Step 10.
From Step 5, line up the cut boards having the largest in the middle making sure that all of them have the same height (13.1cm).  Leave at least a 0.2cm gap in between.  Using tape (I prefer electric tapes since they can withstand constant bending aside from the fact they are black), Tape the boards together.  Just ensure the 0.2cm gap in between.  It should look like one large rectangular board.  Once done, cover the entire board again with cloth.  (another option, cover one side with cloth and the other side with a black cardboard, it’s your choice).
You should be able to bend the board which is why there is a need to have a gap in between.

Step 11.  Functional Box Assemby
We are almost done.
Get Box 2 (cover) and glue the entire flap on the largest board section from the last step.  Just make sure that rim of the cover is barely touching the top most portion of the board.  This would allow the cover to be flipped back and forth.
Next, get Box 1 (first layer) and glue one of the longest sides to the bottom of the board making sure to cover the edge of the flap.  Secure it firmly.  Your assembly should initially look like this.

Step 12:
To make it really functional, I got two small boxes (I got this from a sachet product which came in a box where you can just flip the cover with the perforation).  I just painted the box with my almost dried polishes (finally…I got to throw away the containers..)
Glue each of the boxes on the outer sides of the board.  This will serve as holders for ballpens, brushes or liners.

Step 13: Lock
Get a ribbon and glue each end to each side of the flaps.

At this point, the functional box is as good as done.  Just layer the compartments and stack them together.  However, I added a few more stuffs to make it more presentable:

1.       To make it personal, I crafted a mini picture frame on the inside flaps of the side boards so when it opens, you have a nice view on your most treasured moments.
2.      From an old compact, I pulled out a mirror and glued it inside the top most cover.  If you are putting on make-ups, this will come in handy.
3.      Of course, I placed embellishments on some parts of the box.

That is about it guys.. The instructions may have come out long, but it is really easy to do.  All you need is a bit of imagination.  Create something that would fit your personality and what would make you happy.

FYI.. As usual…my daughter got dibs on this! She already declared it as hers…

 What do you think of my first DIY craft post.  Are you interested in seeing more?  Tell me your thoughts.  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Till my next post guys.xoxo

Monday, 18 November 2013

Manila 2013 Manila Auto Salon at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia

After our mini Divisoria escapade, we made it back to SMX to visit the Manila Auto Salon event which is a 3-day event from November 14-17, 2013

One thing I noticed though is that, they were not focused on cars alone but there were entries for big monster-like 4x4 vehicles.  

I must tell you that I am no Automotive junkee, but my companion is.  However, you would be amazed at how much effort the car owners put into these machines.

Get a load of these babies
(warning: too many pictures :D )

Upon entering the lobby you will be greeted by these two lovely cars:

Who says bugs aren't that great?

I was scouting some fancy cars around the show room :D

I was eyeing this car. A combination of black white, purple and pink.  Oooohhh...I totally want this kind of setup :D

Is this even legal? hahaha

> very functional <

A vintage car seems out of place..
but Wait..
look what's inside

4 x 4 monsters...but I love them anyway :D

Zombie Zone:  Zombies beware :D

no more worries during camping :D or beach outings
Some of the booth owners:
Some participants were generous enough to giveaway some freebies :D
microfiber cleaning cloth
car stickers
etc :D
(my companion got a victoria court discount card...ssshhhh!!! lol)
i pass off the latter..hahaha

There are more cars on display but I wouldn't want to fill this post with all of them ... and was too tired already walking around.  My companion had a grand time though because a car show wouldnt be a car show without the sexy girls and ladies in each booth... and guess what??.. I turned into a photographer for each girl with my companion... was a good event and some of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Visayan Regions.

Have you attended a car show before?  Tell me how did it go :D

Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

I decided to do a review of make-ups on hand, therefore, some of the products may be a bit dirty from constant use or the labels has been damaged.  I am not a professional make-up artist but I will try to review the product base on my own opinion and experience.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.  Item being reviewed was acquired by the blogger herself.  Source will be indicated.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

photo grabbed from google

my almost empty palette

Color :Brown, Dark Brown, Clear Wax

DescriptionMini brow salon in a handy, purse-friendly compact with all the essential tools to shape, smooth, define, and maintain perfect brows. This five-piece set includes a soft wax that shapes brows, two setting powders for definition, a hard angle brush for easy application, and mini tweezers for stray hairs.
Source: Wet n Wild Stall from Pavillon Mall, Binan, Laguna
Price Range: P369.00

How to use: (from packaging)

  1. Tweeze. Remove any stray hairs from above or below brow.
  2. Define. Fill in eyebrows with one or both Brow Powders to match hair color
  3. Hold. Apply Brow Wax in an upward direction to keep brow in place.


·  I like the packaging.  It includes a small tweezer, a tapered brow brush and a mirror placed underneath a slide compartment below the palette which makes it free from any residue which I really like.

However the brush is a bit too soft for me.  Initially it worked really well, but after some repeative use, the brush became a bit to soft to actually use for precision.  I had difficulty in along the edges of my brow to achieve that tapered look.

Very pigmented on the first application.

This swatch actually shows the darker and lighter shade.  You may not see much of a difference since I applied a few repeated strokes on this. 

After 3 hours, you will notice that the color ,especially at the edges are starting to fade.

(highest is 5)

Price = 3
Application = 3.5
Pigmentation = 4
Staying Power = 3.5
Packaging = 4

Overall = 3.6

Will I buy again?
Maybe.If I don’t have any option. But since I saw a lot of reviews on brow products and applications, I wanted to try them out too so I can compare which would suit me best.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haul: Mini Shopping Trip to Divisoria 168 Mall

Hi Guys!

Last November 16 2013..I was asked to checked out a car shown in SMX Moa…however, since it was still early, we decided to go to Divisoria first since it was only a jeeney ride away from MOA.
I took this opportunity to buy some clothes for my daughter.  If you have been a follower before, most of my acquisitions are for my daughter.  She had a total upgrade of clothes this year because of her tween body (combination of a kid and teenage size).  She is only 9 years old but she has a body of a small lady or a teenager.  I no longer buy at kid’s sections but on the ladies section already.

Anyways, for the items that I got, we decided to just go straight to 168 Mall since we are a bit of in a hurry. 


Thick Leggings in Black and Gray
The material is really thick and this can fit Small to Medium Sizes.
Some of the leggings I saw are a bit to thin for me and may have a problem during fitting since thin materials tend to have limitations in terms of stretch ability

PRICE: Php150 each
(Total = 300)

I was able to get a good bargain at this since the other stores offer these type of leggings at 200-250 each.

Cotton Stretched Fitted Plain Tees
Stretchy cotton material and I kind of selected the tees with thicker material.

PRICE: Php90  each
(Total : 450)

Initially offered for 100 each.  You just have to be selective of the material.  Some of the materials were a bit thin so I asked for colors that have a thicker material so when I wash it, it doesn't get too loose.  The deal was for 6 pcs but since they didn't have the colors for the material I was asking for, they agreed to give the price for 5pcs :D

Sleeveless Blouses

Made of cotton.  Can fit small to medium sizes.  The prints are really good.  In fact, I initially bought this as normal home wear in mind because of the price but when I saw the prints, designs and colors, they can pass as normal outdoor wears for those hot occassions.

PRICE: 2 for 150php 
(Total : 450)

Was so happy with these that I bought 6pcs for my daughter's everyday use :D

Sleeveless Blouse with gartered Waist

Bought this having the leggings in mind :D  I needed something that would go well with the leggings I bought for her.

PRICE: 130php

Was so happy with these that I bought 6pcs for my daughter's everyday use :D

color is darker in actual. same color as the skirt below

Dry Fit Apparel

I really like the skort (shorts and skirt in one).  Original price is 280.  Was able to haggle up to 200.  Since it was cute, I asked for a matching blouse (medium) and lucky for me, the matching blouse was currently on sale at 100php.

PRICE: 200php (skort) and 100php (bouse)

Among all the clothes I bought, my daughter love these the most and was already asking me when she can wear it :D

Cute Small Sling Bag

My daughter lost her new phone (good thing it was cheap at 499.00) because it fell out of her pocket.  So, I bought her this so she can just sling it around her body and place all her stuff in here.  I still plan to buy her a cheap cellphone for emergency cases.

PRICE: 80php

Again, I was able to haggle even though I only bought one piece. hehehe.

I was about to buy a bag for me and I was really tempted .. but I had to remind myself that I should dispose all my unused stuffs first before I buy anything else.

So.. what did I buy for myself?.. practically nothing as I was on a budget and kept reminding myself not to buy anything...but then, it was an opportunity I need to grab and it would be sad not to at least buy something... so I decided to buy something to protect and cover my trusted and used gadgets :D

Minion themed S3 back cover

the circle at the back can serve as a stand.  This is helpful when I am at the office.  I can just put the phone in my desk and have a clear view for incoming calls or messages even if it is in silent mode.

Themed back cover for Samsung S3.  For those times I just wanted a sleek and simple cover

not a diary  :D  It is actually a flip cover for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
coach themed S3 cover = 200php
minion S3 cover with stand = 250php
Tablet flip cover = 400php
front and back S3 protector = 150php

What do you think at my haggling ability :D
You better be careful in buying there though.  You must always check your items and scout the areas first because you might find the same merchandise at a cheaper price.  Don't be misled with the word "Sale" cause it may be actually just a gimmick for you to buy at their store.

Till my next haul guys :D