Thursday, 19 September 2013

Raffle Joined : Draco Princess' First Anniversary Give-away

I had been recently hooked into blogging and I was ecstatic to learn that bloggers do have some raffles and contests, may it be on their own or in collaboration with other bloggers or sponsors.
This gave me the inspiration to do the same...but for now, I need to clean up my blog entries to make it more fun for readers to visit.

For now, I'll just qualify for other blogger's contest / raffle offerings :)

Among who inspired me is Jemm de Leon. She is now having her first anniversary giveaway. Co-sponsored by Pauchee , Cee,  Raisie, Patricia, Angelique and Suzanne.

There will be two winners who will get the following:

First prize: 
macro lens, shiny stick-ons, iPhone 4/s case, gluta-kojic soap, clutch bag, bracelet, Classique soap, flower crown and floral hairpin.

Second prize:
fish-eye lens, colorful hairpins, gluta-kojic soap, floral hairclip, contact lenses, pouch, lipgloss, pink bracelets, earrings and Classique soap.

To join, just go to the link below and follow what the rafflecopter will be asking you..

Good Luck!
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