Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Easy Bun : An Easy and Quick Hairstyle

I bought these hair donuts from a japanese store for 88. Bought 2 sizes. I also got a clip-on bangs made of synthetic hair for the same prize.  My daughter has been wanting to have bangs but I declined since it wouldn't work out because of her natural curls in her hairline...so my solution was to buy a bangs extension.  I wanted to try it out first before I buy the human hair type so I opted for the synthetic instead, just to play it out for a while.

As usual, I have my daughter as my model :)...

To achieve this look, you would need the following:

Hair elastics
Hair donut bun
Bobby pins
Clipon bangs (optional if you already have natural bangs)

Step 1: Bring up you hair into a ponytail. Make sure that it is high enough.

She was a bit bored..thus the headset :)

Step 2: Insert the donut and spread out the hair.

Step 3: Gather the hair while turning it around creating a bun.

Step 4: Secure the bun with bobby pins.

Step 5: Clip the bangs near the base of the bun.

Step 6. Use a headband to accessorize.  You may also use clips or ribbons to accentuate.

This is really easy to do and you only need less than10 minutes to finish.

The hairstyle actually reminds me of Audrey Hepburn  or Cinderella ;)

The donut is so far the easiest hair accessory for making hair buns I had use.  It takes little effort and a few bobby pins:) There are a few being sold online.  Although you could make your own using a really thick sock and a velcro. Will give you a tutorial on that once I got a hold on the materials.

I am really liking the clip-on bangs.  I might consider purchasing the human hair type material :)

'Til next post :)
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