Saturday, 28 December 2013

My New Blogging Home - A New Year... A New Site...A New Commitment

Hi Everyone

I finally made the decision on transferring to a new blogging host, and the transfer would require a lot of improvement and starting up again, building a new network and the sort.

What made me move:


I never realized that when I started blogging last August that I will make it this long.  With all the friends I had come to know and who were there to support me, I came to enjoy what I am doing.  I tend to stop after a while when I do get bored, and because of this, I decided to transfer and buy my own domain name.  When something is free, you don't get to value its worth.  And so, to ensure the commitment I wanted to put in it, I shelled out some money that would remind me that I should not forget what I already started.  A commitment I am going to continue for the year 2014.

Support & Friendship

My new friends in the blogging world convinced me of the opportunities I could have in transferring plus the support they could offer me..  I am so blessed in having friends like them.  Special shout-out to:

They are really nice people who took time in being patient with me and offerring me things to enjoy the blogosphere.  Without them, I might not have go on.. Honestly guys...
Thank you.

New Friends and Followers

I was really overwhelmed and I owe it to everyone.  Your support really kept me going.  Without you and the people above, I don't know if I had continued.  Nothing beats the knowledge that someone out there is reading and following all your posts.
Thanks guys.


I never learned that you can gain a lot in blogging.  A new world, knowledge, activities, friends..seriously, they are a lot.  And I wouldn't want to miss out on them.  It doesn't hurt that you must maintain a good blog in order to gain this...which came down to always put into mind for continuous improvement.

In line with these, I would again to ask you guys to support my new site and follow me again through the different channels such as Bloglovin and NetworkedBlogs.  I would  really appreciate it very much.

Please show the same courtesy on my new site:

Thank you and Gob Bless!