Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Whimsical Makeup (My daughter's Xmas Party last 2010)

I know... its kinda' late to be posting it here... but I just wanted to share how we experimented on my daughter for her costume and outfit changes including hair and make-up.

I guess we overdid a bit.. hahaha.  I like to try different looks on her and things that I couldn't do anymore.  I am completely a hands-on mother when it comes to her outfits for every event that she joins.  So here goes...

This is when her school had a costume party for their Xmas celebration last 2010.  She was 6 years old then.

This is her before the transformation... she's quite restless and bored already ..

This is her after her make-over.  Hair (by me) and make-up by my sister.

Her eye make-up is a combination of green pink and yellow shades with a hint of glitter powder (for makeup).  You will find out later why...

 The first get-up is for a dance number.

 The second outfit is for a song number.
She is with her classmate in the middle picture.  We decided to up-do her hair on the spot.  The little flowers is just a preparation for the third change.

And the final is for the actual costume.  She came out as a fairy...the reason for the eye make-up.  It goes well with her wings.. hehehe
I made the gown itself.  .... no... I am not a professional seamtress.. I just know how to put one thing from the other.  This is just a simple tie-back gown so i don't need to do the complicated zipper thing.. hehehe... It is a low back dress made from used textile (retaso from our previous props) layered with unused organza (which i used for my giveaways) which I was able to re-use again..lol.  See, I didn't spend much at all.  I just bought the wings from divisoria and the artificial flower used to decorate her hair and dress.

It turned out nice and everyone thought I bought it as is.  Honestly, if I could, I wouldnt spend much at all..I am just resourceful.  A friend of mine even borrowed the costume afterwards for her daugher. Not bad at all.

Sorry, I couldnt put up a tutorial for now but I'll see what I can do if I do find the time.

Thanks and tell me what you think of my first post.